With this app you can now easily listen your audio books which are separated from your iTunes music library.

ABPlayer is the audio player optimized for audio books replay. It is not connected to any particular source of audio books thus having the capability to play any audio book you own regardless of its origin.

The audio book is represented either by a folder of playable chapters (e.g. mp3 files) or by the unencrypted ZIP file with playable content. You can put books to your iPhone using iTunes file sharing capability located at the bottom of the iTunes Applications page.

ABPlayer has several unique features:

  • Audio books are now separated from iPod content – they do not mix with your music.
  • ABPlayer understands the book as set of chapters described by mp3 tags (if present in files) summing the whole audio book play time – you see what is the actual book length.
  • ABPlayer browses or switches among chapters easily.
  • ABPlayer remembers exactly the last position you either stopped listening or you were interrupted
  • ABPlayer has sophisticated timer for playing allowing you to select not only time for playing, but it can round the end with the end of the chapter if it is in the range of 10 minutes. Timer can be set for any number of chapters to be played as well – e.g. when you promise your children 3 tales before sleep.