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handy.READER is a light-weighted electronic book reader and audiobook player. It supports multiple book formats. Books may be stored locally as well as on iCloud or any other service supported by Files app in your iPhone or iPad.


handy.READER can easily replace your standalone eBook reader. Just put your electronic books or your audiobooks to a cloud storage and start to read or listen.


The main objective of handy.READER is to read or listen. That is why the multimedia support is quite low, almost none. There is just a pure text presentation enhanced sometimes with custom fonts. And it does not support any kind of DRM protection as well.

Audiobook player supports multiple audio files organized in one book if stored in one folder in local storage. iCloud audio files can be played only one by one (quite a clever security limitation of Apple). The only way to play all audio files as a book on iCloud is to store them in a ZIP container. This is just one file and handy.READER can unzip it and play.

Audiobook player supports a timer to limit the play time of the book. It is preset either to 10 minutes intervals or to the end of chapters.

Handy.READER supports content downloads from the internet. Just click + and type a web address. It can sometimes even download YouTube videos and convert them to an audio file.

Handy.READER is almost for free. It requires an annual subscription of around 1 USD per year (amount is country dependent) with a 2 months trial period. And it supports family sharing as well. I believe it would allow us to maintain handy.READER and increase its functionality in future.


Electronic Book Formats

ePUB -  Standard for electronic book publishing
PDB - Palm Document format
Mobi - Amazon format
TXT - Plain text
HTML - HyperText markup language
XHTML - Extensible HyperText Markup Language
RTF - Rich Text Format
DOC - Older Microsoft Word Documents
DOCX - Newer Microsoft Word Documents
PDF - Adobe Portable Document Format

Audio Book Formats



Multiple audio files packed within ZIP container, recommended for listening from iCloud